Paw Patrol party

No job is too big, no pup is too small to be impressed by a paw patrol party!

Paw Patrol birthday party supplies

The Party of the Month is Paw Patrol! You know just where to find it too. Your favorite party place, Birthday Express has called all paws on deck to assist you in planning the ultimate abolutely pawww-urfect Paw Patrol-th98455eme party. Ready for some fun new ideas to set tails–and tongues wagging about Birthday Express?

Invitations – It’s going to be easy to get everyone into the Paw Patrol party spirit with these Paw Patrol Invitations that you can use to invite your favorite party goers.! Our package lets you give upto 8 invitations (with envelopes) and features all of the Paw Patrol team. Don’t forget to buy two in case you need to invite a few last minute or extra guests.

Party Decor – With Birthday Express’ Paw Patrol Scene Setter and incredibly intersting Swirl Decorations, all of your treasured party guests will be teleported magically to Adventure Bay where they will feel like they are there, playing happily with Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, and the rest of the gang! One idea might be to give each one of your guests their own paper mask from Paw Patrol when they walk in the door.

Food &


Drink – Paw Patrol Party gives you literally endless possibilities for food, drink, and fun. Wouldn’t it be fun to get you could get various-sized dog bowls and use them for chips, dip, candy, and other snacks. You could also make dog bone-shaped sandwiches or cookies! Imagine the fun if you created your ounnamedwn candy or cookies in the shape of paws, paw prints, or even had the whole party served in footprint shaped paper plates. And the birthday boy or girl will love the Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Candle Set.

As Marshall says … I’m fired up!!!!! about Birthday Express’ new Paw Patrol theme!

Throw the perfect Minnie or Mickey Mouse Birthday Party


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Is someone in your household mad for Minnie? Does your mouse loving child–or even an adult go bonkers for Minnie mouse, Mickey Mouse or the whole Mouse Club gang? If so then the perfect event for them is the Mickey Mouse Party Theme and Minnie Mouse Party Theme.
Minnie Mouse party fun is easy to create when you plan your party with Birthday theme packages. From the invitations to the party favors, Minnie Mouse birthday parties are nothing short of hot pink fun.
Your party games might consist of a big photo of Minnie Mouse on the wall and some cut out mouse ears. A game of blind man’s bluff becomes more fun when you’re taping the ears on Minnie or Mickey Mouse bd2and finding them taped to the nose, the feet or elsewhere. The laughter doesn’t stop.
A Minnie or Mickey Mouse piñata is nothing short of absolute amusement for the party guests. Filled with sweet treats it will delight the children and the adults love to get involved in the action too. Don’t forget a camera to capture the moments.
Decorations are easy with  Birthday Express party packs but you can take it all a step further. Put the entire gang in the party mood by making simple and easy place holders for the seating bd3that double as fun party favors.
Get a few sets of mouse ears. They are easy to find and inexpensive. Grab some non-toxic clay and make them stand up at the head of each place setting. Then using some hot pink Post it notes, you can adhere the party guest’s name to their place setting and help them find their correct seat. They will also double as name tags to help the kids get to know each other. Alternatively you could use Pink bows for the girls and blue ones for the boys if the mouse ears are a bit much. They can be removed from the clay stands and worn during the party to make it even more fun.
You’ll need some basic supplies such as party cups, party plates, Minnie Mouse napkins and you may want to consider buying a few additional things as well that will put your guests in the party mode.
Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse candy is available from the Party store. You can also find invitations and other bd4items there that are Minnie and Mickey specific.
Don’t forget the Minnie and Mickey Mouse themed cake. Your local baker can help you with that or you may want to try it yourself. The images of Minnie and Mickey are easy to find and creating thebd1 mouse cake is as simple as two round cakes and two smaller ones, artfully cut to create the ears. You’ll have fun crafting a cake for your child—or adult—using Minnie mouse as your model.
Your Minnie and Mickey Mouse party will be laughter and fun, as well as unique and interesting when you create it with love and the help of the Birthday Express.

How to throw the perfect Star Wars Birthday Party

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Make a Memorable Birthday Party-Star Wars Parties are a Hit for Everyone

Satar Wars RebelsStar Wars, one of the epic movies of all time, offers the creative hostess a lot to work with. Creative ideas for Star Wars parties have ranged from birthday parties for children to adults. From invitation to table decorations, the entire birthday party can be Star Wars themed if you use a bit of imagination.

For your invitations, how about a Darth Vader helmet, printed or inscribed with the date, time and any other special instructions that you may want to give the starwars2party-goer. As for your table decorations, you’re limited—quite literally—only by your own imagination. Imagine the impression on the guests when they enter the house to find Yoda to greet them and the table decorations comprised of light-sabers. The Darth Vader candy bowl can hold sweet treats or even healthier cookies or snacks on the party table, while the inflatable light sabers will make the ultimate party favor for your guests.

Your Star Wars birthday party will be talked about and remembered long after the birthday is over.  Do it up right with the help of the Birthday Express. From invitations to the complete party in a box, to which you add your own special touches to make the party amazing, a Star Wars party is nothing short of a momentous event. If you have a birthday in the offing, the Star Wars Birthday party is going to be a hit for you and anyone who attends. Start planning yours today.starwars3

Dr. Seuss Themed Party

Birthday Express

“It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” – Dr. Seuss

Generations of children have grown up with Dr. Seuss and what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a Dr. Seuss themed party? Dr. Seuss is the party theme of the month and you can find everything that you need for your event at Birthday Express. The imagination is the limit when it comes to Dr. Seuss and here are some great ideas to make your birthday party an event to remember.

Get guests in the mood before the party even begins with Dr. Seuss themed invitations. Included in the package are 8 invitations with matching envelopes and the front of each invitation features one of the many characters of Dr. Seuss.

Transport your guests into the silly world of the Grinch and the Lorax with a variety of party Dr. Seuss party decorations. A balloon bouquet, wall decals, and party favors are just some of the things that take your party to new heights. To  Even the adults can get into the spirit with an adult sized Cat in the Hat costume to bring the fun to life.

Give your party food and drink some pizzazz, Dr. Seuss style. Many books by Dr. Seuss are liberally sprinkled with out of the ordinary foods, so give your party some as well. Use different colored gelatin to create wiggly snacks and add a touch of food coloring to normal deviled eggs for green eggs and ham. Use Dr. Seuss plates to serve your snacks. There are even Dr. Seuss cupcake wrappers that your guests will go wild for. The themed box kits are the perfect way to distribute party favors and your guests will have a souvenir to take home with them.

There are really no limits to where you can take a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party and the only restriction is how silly you want it to be.

Birthday Express

Pirates Value Party Pack |

Pirates Value Party Pack |

Today this whole Party Pack is only $14.99

pirates value pack

Make shopping for your child’s party simple and easy with everything you need in one convenient package! The Pirates Value Party Pack includes the following:

  • (8) Pirates Invitations
  • (8) Pirates Dinner Plates
  • (8) Pirates Dessert Plates
  • (8) Pirates 9 oz. Cups
  • (16) Pirates Lunch Napkins
  • (1) Black Plastic Tablecover
  • (16) Red Forks & Spoons (8 each)
  • (24) Black Party Candles
  • (12) Latex Balloons (6 Gold and 6 Red)
  • (2) Curling Ribbons (1 Black and 1 Red)
  • (1) Black Crepe Paper Roll